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Work Related Injury Treatment in Everett, WA

Find Pain Relief By Treating Work Related Injuries

You don’t have to work a physically demanding job to suffer from a work related injury, and you don’t have to wait until your work injury qualifies for workers’ compensation before you address it. The doctors of Hanson Chiropractic specialize in work related injury treatment in patients who are employed in a wide range of occupations. We’ll also help you navigate through the paperwork and Washington State L&I claim.

A Small Work Incident Can Lead to Major Pain

Despite what you might believe, working in the modern day office can lead to just as many, if not more injuries than jobs like construction and warehousing. Common culprits of workplace injuries include: Two men working standing on a roof at a construction site.

  • Improper posture
  • Computer Neck
  • Overexertion
  • Slipping or tripping, even without falling
  • Being struck by or against equipment or objects
  • Falls on the same or lower levels
  • Bodily reactions
  • Repetitive motions

If you are currently experiencing constant neck pain or what might be carpal tunnel syndrome, there’s a good chance you could be suffering from a work-related injury.

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Our Approach to Your Work Related Injury Treatment

From lower back pain to to foot pain, what makes our chiropractors so well-equipped to relieve you of your pain and unease is that they are well experienced in the work they perform and the treatments they provide. Not only do we rehabilitate your injury, but we also take steps to make sure we manage your pain, which we do through a combination of such treatments as core strengthening, massage, and whiplash treatment. Even greater is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the side effects of pain medication, because we do everything we can to make sure you don’t have to take medications to successfully treat your injury.  Man getting back to work after a work related injury.

Out of all of the work-related injuries we’ve mentioned so far, one of the most common is back pain, which is typically caused by a protruding disc. Spending hours behind a desk with poor posture is commonly the reason for such an injury. No matter what the reason is, we make sure we identify it first before administering treatment in order to ensure that we can correctly and fully address your individual needs.

Another common work injury we see is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is attributed to the heavy use of computers in the workplace. There’s a good chance you have the condition if you have trouble holding onto objects, or have a feeling of pins and needles or a burning sensation in your wrists. In addition to being treated with adjustments, physical therapy, and massage, you might also want to invest in a quality ergonomic keyboard and computer setup.


If it’s determined to be a herniated disc that is giving your back grief, we’ll use adjustments to relieve the pressure your compacted disc is putting on your spine’s nerves. There’s also a chance that the stiffness and pain associated with the common injury have traveled to your neck or shoulders, in which case it might not be immediately obvious that the true problem is with your back. Examples of modalities we use to treat your ailment include:

  • The Gonstead technique
  • Hands-on manipulation
  • The Activator method
  • Specially tailored treatment methods unique for your injury

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