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I’m very thankful for my time here since 2010 and Hanson Chiropractic it’s been a godsend for my body the traction that I’ve been through the years has really helped me to have a pain free experience and just a value that’s been added to my life with coming in here at once or twice a month has just been huge I would highly suggest it for relief for anybody. – Caroline

Everett Chiropractic Patient Kyle

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Some Herniated Discs in my Lower Back

I was blown away by the amount of care and kindness that the Hanson Chiropractic staff put into their clients and into the variety of ways to help heal you. They knew my name by my second visit and have never forgotten it since.

Chiropractic Treatment Helped My Family

One of my sons had terrible sinus trouble and had undergone surgery to correct the problem but it only got worse. Dr. Hanson examined him and suggested a course of treatment

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