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Following a car accident, it is very common for people to experience headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, and more. These are often the types of symptoms people tell us they have after getting in an accident. A headache after a car accident is one of the most common.

Damian’s Story

Here we follow Damian’s story where he had daily headaches and many other painful symptoms following a car wreck he was involved in.

The normal curve of the spine is shown above in the video. In whiplash-type injuries, the normal curve of the neck could be lost. In Damian’s case, he had an 80-degree loss of the curve, before treatment.

Following 2 months of treatment at Hanson Chiropractic, he now only has a 20-degree loss of curve in his neck. This puts him in a much more stable position.

Damian is feeling much better and his symptoms have been drastically reduced. At the time of this video being taken, he is 80-90% improved and we are expecting to get him all the way to back to 100%, where will then be able to release him off of his treatment.

Do You Need Treatment?

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Have you been involved in a car accident, work injury, or sports injury? Oftentimes these types of injuries are much more than just a pulled muscle. They can be much deeper and you could have problems within your joints, ligaments, and inside the connective tissue that surrounds the spine.

Getting a headache after a car accident can be very frustrating, and we can help! We are the best chiropractors for headaches available in Everett WA!

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