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I first went to Hanson Chiropractic in 2007 with a long term back and neck injury from previous years. I was amazed as they helped restore me to full functioning health in a very short amount of time. I was amazed at their eagerness to educate me on what, why and how they were going to do this. All their staff are so friendly and willing to spend any extra time to help people heal. Then in 2015 I was in a minor car accident but shortly realized because of their skills my injuries were far worse than I ever thought. Again within a short amount of time I find myself in optimal health. Their techniques and advice are always adapting to the specific needs of the patient and I am always treated respectfully and feel that I am truly listened too. I just can’t say too many good things about them.They are the BEST!!!!

Everett Chiropractic Patient Kyle

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No More Lower Back or Neck Pain!

No more lower back or neck pain. Plus they fixed my arm. It used to hurt so bad to lift my arm. After a series of treatments it was pretty much back to normal again.

I Couldn’t Walk Well!

I couldn’t walk well because of my spine, neck, and feet. So thankful these doctors love what they do; because of them I have my life back.

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