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Spinal Decompression Therapy in Everett WA

Disc, Spinal Decompression

When chronic pain increases in severity and frequency, more than likely, the root cause of it has not been discovered. Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition, especially when it prohibits you from engaging in day-to-day activities. Fortunately, Hanson Chiropractic utilizes a unique, yet exceptionally effective spinal decompression treatment that will alleviate your suffering. Chiropractic biophysics, or CBP as it is also called, incorporates various aspects of chiropractic and neurological care. If you struggle with chronic pain, the following information will help you decide if you can benefit from CBP.

Attacking Compression and Inflammation Head-On

Unbeknownst to many sufferers, chronic pain is often caused by intense spinal compression and inflammation. If the cause of these conditions is not discovered, patients may fail to find relief from pain, regardless of how many chiropractic treatments they undergo. Your chiropractic biophysics spinal decompression treatment will employ non-invasive, drug-free techniques and treatments from the following branches of chiropractic practice and medicine:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Functional neurology
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Low spinal adjustments
  • Physical rehabilitation

The methods are combined to achieve one major goal; the nonsurgical decompression of your spine. They must be administered before we can address the underlying, more complex biomechanical problems.

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Enhancing Alignment and Motion

A significant number of pain syndromes are caused by poor biomechanics, but our CBP process can address and correct these issues in a relatively brief period of time. This stage of treatment will blend elements of physical therapy and general chiropractics by doing the following:

  • Adjusting patient posture to restore joint and nerve functioning
  • Using mirror image exercises to strengthen and retrain muscles
  • Reshaping ligaments with postural traction

The treatments above will help reduce inflammation and pressure, and restore alignment and motion. Once this is achieved, we will be able to start the stabilization process.

Physical Rehabilitation

In CBP, functional neurology and physical rehabilitation treatments are given during the final phases. To improve your balance, strength, range of motion, and endurance, we will employ a variety of physical rehab techniques. This is an essential part of the process that can help you strengthen your muscles and spine.

Restoring Neurological Balance

The cerebellum consists of two hemispheres located near the lower part of the brain. Each hemisphere is responsible for fulfilling different neurological functions, including stabilizing muscles in the spine. The left and right hemispheres control spinal muscles on their respective side, but if there is an imbalance in functioning, tension can increase in the spine and result in intense, chronic inflammation. This inflammation almost always results in pain, and for many individuals, the pain becomes so intense that they must significantly reduce their range of motion. CBP uses the following nonsurgical treatments to adjust these imbalances once and for all:

  • Balance (vestibular) therapy
  • Manipulation of the joints
  • Vibration therapy
  • Eye exercises
  • Sound (auditory) therapy
  • Light stimulation

Once CBP is over, patients often experience long-term, lasting relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

Stop Your Suffering With CBP

Here at Hanson Chiropractic, we have been performing CBP for years. We strive to show everyone that you don’t have to suffer from chronic pain for the rest your life. Contact our practice at 425-355-3739 or fill out our form to schedule an appointment.

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