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Hear from Our Patients Why They Choose Hanson Chiropractic

Back and Neck Injury

I first went to Hanson Chiropractic in 2007 with a long term back and neck injury from previous years. I was amazed as they helped restore me to full functioning health in a very short amount of time

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Lower Back Injury

A specialist told me my only option was surgery after looking at my MRI. Dr. Hanson’s office thought that was a huge overreaction and they were right.

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Better Than Ever!

Friendly, they call you by name. Professional doctors absolutely the best. I was in a lot of pain on my first visit. Now 14 weeks later I am better than ever!

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Auto Accident Recovery

Without the team at Dr. Hanson’s office I would probably be crawling on the floor most days. After many years of playing physical sports, a career in dental hygiene and a car accident

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Pain-Free Experience

Hanson Chiropractic it’s been a godsend for my body the traction that I’ve been through the years has really helped me to have a pain free experience

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