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Massage Therapy Treatment in Everett, WA

Serving the Everett area with professional medical massage for over 20 years.

If you’re in need of an effective and therapeutic way to relax, Hanson Chiropractic offers a variety of therapeutic massage techniques that will both rehabilitate and reinvigorate your body holistically. Any of our massage techniques can be incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan including those plans that fall under medical massage, which is massage that is prescribed by your doctor. We make sure that each of our patients is completely at ease inside the comfort and serenity of our office, and we specially tailor your massage session to meet your specific needs. Get your massage in Everett WA today!

Whiplash Massage

Click here to find out more about medical massage for pain relief.

Medical Massage

Click here to learn more about medical massage for pain relief.

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Carefully Chosen Treatments for Maximum Results

Licensed massage practitioner Calla with Hanson Chiropractic

Calla LMP, Massage Therapy Treatment, Everett, Washington

We are immensely proud of the fact that our licensed massage therapists and their skills are among the highest and most well-regarded in the city of Everett. Our skilled massage practitioners focus on the individual needs of the patient and for that reason can provide him or her with a solution to pain and discomfort. While anyone can benefit from chiropractic massage, it’s highly recommended for the following individuals:

No matter who you are, what your occupation might be, or what injuries you might have sustained, we guarantee your treatment will be done with the utmost care.



hanson chiropractic massage therapists
Hanson Chiropractic Massage Therapists

The One-Hour Massage Treatment

During your one-hour massage, your time is divided as follows:

  • Five minutes for your consult
  • A 50 minute massage
  • Five minutes for dressing

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Additional Reasons to Consider a Massage in Everett WA

If you’ve never had a therapeutic massage before and aren’t a member of any of the groups mentioned above, there are many additional reasons to schedule a massage at Hanson Chiropractic. Massage therapy treatment can provide improvements with the following:

  • Improve your flexibility and posture
  • Boost your skin tone
  • Control swelling
  • Decrease your blood pressure
  • Increase lymph and blood flow
  • Reduce your heart rate
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Control and eliminate stress
  • Promote a sense of inner peace
  • Address persistent pain
  • Improve your breathing

Are you ready to experience the many benefits of massage therapy treatment? Schedule an appointment with Hanson Chiropractic by sending us a message or calling 425-355-3739.

Experience a Holistic Approach to Good Health.

Our Team of Everett Massage Therapists  

Kayla Dunbar

The power of touch has always fascinated me. I remember hearing a story when I was studying psychology in college about two sets of lab rats in a study. The rats in the lower cages had lower cholesterol and blood pressure than the rats in the upper cages.

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Tonya DeSpain

Graduating Everest College in 2013, I found my love for helping others through touch. I’ve gained experience by working at several other chiropractic places but fell in love with Hanson Chiropractic.

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Callie Johnson

I always had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish in life. Knowing I wanted to serve and help people, along with doing something that was family friendly, I really started doing some research to make that dream come true. When I discovered massage, I knew that it fit with my lifestyle choice.

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Calla Thompson

Calla Thompson is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and a Graduate of Brenneke School of Massage. She treats patients with whiplash, back pain, neck pain, migraines, and jaw pain. She spends her free time hanging out with her toddler, taking her big dog to the dog park, and of course cleaning up after both of them!

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Calliope Edwards

Calliope Edwards is a 2010 graduate of Everest College in Fife, WA. She specializes in Relaxation, Injury Treatment massage, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage. In her free time, Calliope is an aspiring science fiction, steampunk, and fantasy novelist and an artist.

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Monika Messer-Skelly

Monika is a 1991 graduate of The All Hawaiian School of Massage with training in Deep Tissue Swedish, Relaxation Therapy, Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi techniques. She says “Massage Practitioner has been a rewarding career for me and I hope to continue to promote positive changes in the body!”

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James Dean

Hello, My name is Jim. I have been a massage therapist since October of 2015, after graduating from the Cortiva Institute in Seattle ,WA.

What I appreciate most about being a massage therapist, is being able to play a role in the recovery process to those who have sustained an injury, are recovering from surgery due to injury and those who live in chronic pain.

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What Our Patients Say About Our Massage Therapy Treatment

Fix Your Headache After Car Accident Following a car accident, it is very common for people to experience headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, and more. These are often the types of symptoms people tell us they have after getting in an accident. A headache...

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Free Consultation
1 Hour Free Massage*

*Must mention this ad and be a new patient to qualify.

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