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Tonya DeSpain, LMP

Tonya DeSpain, LMP

Massage Therapist

Graduating Everest College in 2013, I found my love for helping others through touch. I’ve gained experience through working at several other chiropractic places but fell in love with Hanson Chiropractic. My specialty is in treatment, deep tissue massage. Finding the adhesions, and working out the scar tissue, and myofascial release are some of my favorite modalities to do. My continuing educations have consisted of different techniques to build my knowledge of deep tissue in the knee and shoulder. I love being able to help others through touch. Having my clients gaining a range of motion back, strength and flexibility are one of the most rewarding parts of being a Licensed Massage Therapist.

What Our Patients Say

Fix Your Headache After Car Accident Following a car accident, it is very common for people to experience headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, and more. These are often the types of symptoms people tell us they have after getting in an accident. A headache...

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