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Chiropractic Care Services

Chiropractor looking at a patient x-ray Chiropractic care is a more natural, holistic approach to whole-health care. Instead of prescribing pharmaceuticals for every imaginable ailment, the chiropractic approach instead looks to treat the human body as a powerful organism for healing and self-repair. Depending on your particular concern, we will craft a thorough approach for your health’s maintenance and improvement.

The expert chiropractic staff at Hanson Chiropractic will work with you to build a process for recuperation. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients leave feeling great after coming to us with chronic pain. We can help you avoid expensive and invasive surgeries and pharmaceuticals in favor of time-tested exercises and holistic treatments.

Advanced Chiropractic Care

Hanson Chiropractic offers advanced techniques to safely and effectively treat your pain.

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Whiplash is one of the most common injuries from a car accident which can result in chronic pain.

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Work Injuries

Work-related injuries are among the most common reasons for chronic pain. Our treatments can get you back to work fast!

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Massage Therapy

Massage not only feel amazing, but can help address tightness and other issues that contribute to pain.

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Sciatic Pain Treatment

Chronic sciatic nerve pain is suffered by thousands of adults in the United States. Let us help you deal with it.

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Spinal/Disc Decompression

Spinal injuries and disc compression are the cause of chronic pain for thousands. Decompression can help!

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Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy treatment increases circulation and helps relieve pain by penetrating deep inside muscle tissue

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PowerPlate Core Strengthening

PowerPlate™ Core Muscular therapy promotes stronger muscles and helps prevent re-injury.

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Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is used to treat soft tissue damage and can help you recover from a sports injury or surgery.


Your feet work every day, and poor care can result in chronic problems. Let us improve your condition with balanced orthotics.

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ADHD in Children

Treating ADHD in childhood through chiropractic attention can help improve your child’s focus for the rest of his life.

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Experience a Holistic Approach to Good Health.

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Some Herniated Discs in my Lower Back

I was blown away by the amount of care and kindness that the Hanson Chiropractic staff put into their clients and into the variety of ways to help heal you. They knew my name by my second visit and have never forgotten it since.

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