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Listen or read the true story about how it is possible for you to get your life back after treatment at Hanson Chiropractic in Everett WA.

Dr. Glines introduces Tina, a patient at Hanson Chiropractic that has seen tremendous results on her treatment so far and she wanted to share that with everyone.

Tina’s Story About Past Injuries and How She Found Hanson Chiropractic

Tina has always been athletic, and worked difficult jobs, with these kinds of hobbies and employment can often come injuries. Tina saw a chiropractor in Portland that she really liked. She then moved over here into an Everett location and she was working a new job and feeling fit and healthy.

Once covid hit and caused everyone to quarantine, she decided that she was going to spend a lot of time cooking. 35 pounds later. her past injuries flared up and her posture became a huge problem. That is when she started looking for a chiropractor.

She went back to speak with her chiropractor in her old city about what she thought and that’s when she was recommended to see us at Hanson Chiropractic in Everett.

Tina was slumped over, barely able to move her feet while she was walking. In her own words “It was awful, I came in here looking like an old lady all hunched over”.

She was measuring at 5 feet tall.

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Tina’s Results From Treatment

Now she is measuring in at 5 foot 1 inch, and she believes once they are done she will be 5 foot 2 inches again.

Her neck feels much better! She is healthy again and she gets in her miles everyday walking and exercising. Dr. Hanson told Tina before they started that he could fix her that’s when she signed up!

Tina admits “I would have paid twice what I paid, but don’t tell anyone that!”

Treatment At Hanson Chiropractic in Everett WA

Tina was very ambitious about fixing her health and making positive changes in her life. She was very motivated to do what it takes to get better. She admits she wanted to be better and wanted to be back to herself.

Tina is always doing her home workouts that she is assigned and has also recently added yoga back into her life which is a big deal to her. Tina was always doing yoga but started doing less and less of it because she was in pain.

When she came in for her third visit that is when she got out of pain. 3 visits were all it took, she did everything she was suppose to do and told to do and look at the results that she received!

She does the home exercises, the home traction, she does all the exercises in the office and the power plates. Since starting she has lost about 14 pounds.

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Hanson Chiropractic Safety

Tina a patient at Hanson Chiropractic says that we have been handling this pandemic and a new set of rules very well. She says it’s very safe and that she feels good about coming here every time and she looks forward to it.

Dr. Glines says that we are following every procedure and guideline that we can, and the ones that the state has mandated to keep our patients safe mentally and physically.

Hanson Chiropractic Staff

Tina loves the staff here! She wanted to give a shoutout to the girl that helps Tina with traction, which is Heather. Tina gets a little overwhelmed using the machine from time to time and Heather makes sure that she feels relaxed. She obviously really cares, along with the rest of the Hanson Chiropractic staff.

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