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In the video above we have a testimonial of how we helped treat one of our patients that had a lot of lower back pain and sciatica in the right leg, tingling in her right foot, and headaches. Although the primary issue was the lower back pain and then the leg pain going down into the right foot.

Chiropractic Adjustments For Sciatica

With this patient, there was a problem with the normal curve that she is supposed to have in her back. Bad posture can cause many problems including spinal issues.

Proper measurement is supposed to be 40 degrees, this patient had just about half of that. When this happens it causes a lot of stress on the lower back, which affects the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back, all the way down to the leg.

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We start doing adjustments by applying pressure to the low back so we can unlock the SI joint. In the video, you can see Dr. Hanson has the patient, squeeze her knees together, relax, and then you can the right leg is shorter by about half an inch.

What is happening is when the joint is locked on her right side, it causes the right leg to be drawn up.

Now, Dr. Hanson, has the patient lay down on her right side, he is going to use a “side posture adjustment”. Which works on the lower joint, in the SI. He then has her switch sides onto her left and works on the upper joint, this is essentially untwisting the pelvis.

The patient moves onto her back and he helps her work through her thoracic spine. In this patience case, her neck is reversed backward, instead of having the curve go towards her in her throat, it is backward which creates a lot of tension in the base of the skull. This is creating headaches for her.

One of the most common causes of sciatica is disfunction or locking of the joints in the lower back.

After doing multiple adjustments with this patient, Dr. Hanson checks the patient’s legs again and finds that they are even. If you remember that prior to doing the adjustments, her right leg was shorter by about half an inch.

Summary of the Adjustments

What Dr. Hanson was able to do was work on her right and left sacroiliac joint, taking it out of extension and putting more flection in the joint.

We also adjusted the TL junction, which is one of the most important areas to decompress the back, then we also adjusted at the base of the neck. Next, Dr. Hanson did the mirror image adjusting to help reposition her posture.

The next step would be to take this patient over to do some traction and exercises to help stabilize the low back. Doing all of this in combination with each other is the most effective treatment for sciatica.

Patient Story

This patient has only been coming to Hanson Chiropractic for a couple of weeks and this was her first time coming to a chiropractor at all.

She loves coming to Hanson Chiropractic because she has gone to multiple other doctors and all they wanted to do was treat her symptoms with medicine. This patient had tried everything the doctors recommended and nothing worked.

She feels so refreshed to be able to come to Hanson Chiropractic. Every day she comes she feels more balanced and has pain relief.

Learn how one of our patients got back to her normal life after treatment at Hanson Chiropractic in Everett WA.

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