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How often should you go to the chiropractor? This is a question the team at Hanson Chiropractic in Everett WA gets all the time. Dr. Glines breaks down this question and helps you decide what is best for you and your health.

Do I Have To See A Chiropractor Forever?

Dr. Glines always gets asked, “If I go to the chiropractor once, am I going to have to go for the rest of my life?”

Dr. Glines answers by saying, “it really depends on you, as a patient”.

Do you like living well? Do you like feeling great?

If your answer to those questions is yes, then we will most likely see you more often than just Christmas and Easter time.

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How Often You Should Go To The Chiropractor Comes Down To Three Things

1. Mindset

Do you wait for your car to break down before you fix it, or do you change the oil regularly, make sure your tires are filled up and ensure they still have tread on them? All those little things matter.

Just like all those things matter with our car, it also matters with our bodies and even more so because we can’t just go out and buy another one.

2. Priorities

Do you prioritize your health? Do you go out partying till 4 A.M. shotgunning energy drinks, and skipping your workouts?

Then get up after 3 hours of sleep and put in another 10 hours of work at a desk?

If so, then your priorities and values in life are not in the right place.

3. Commitment

Do you have a commitment to yourself? A commitment to your goals? Do you want to work on maintaining that nursing home posture? Or ladies, do you want to grow a hump on that spot above your upper back.

The question is, do you want to live your best life and take care of your health? If so, then yes you need to go to the chiropractor a little more often because we are organic and very mechanical beings and we are constantly in motion or should be.

Come To Hanson Chiropractic For Proper Alignment

When we live our lives we constantly put ourselves at risk of being out of alignment. Our chiropractic adjustments help restore proper alignment and help us to be able to continue to live at our best. So if this is what you want then we will be seeing you a little more often at Hanson Chiropractic in Everett WA.

Have you been in an accident and need chiropractic attention? Whether that is a car accident and you have whiplash symptoms or it is a work-related injury, we are here for you.

We also offer massage therapy at our Everett location.

This message is coming to you from Dr. Glines, we are all here for you and if you have any questions then reach out to us we will answer them for you.

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Meet the staff at Hanson Chiropractic and get taken care of by the best there is! Dr. Hanson is certified in whiplash injury biomechanics & traumatology by the Spine Research of San Diego.

How often do you want to go to the chiropractor?

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