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Doug had tried everything he could to treat the migraines that he has had for 25-30 years at this point. He saw multiple neurosurgeons, went through a series of tests and x-rays, and he saw a couple of other chiropractors for headaches before he came to Hanson Chiropractic and Injury.

With all those people he saw you would think that somebody would be able to help him, but it wasn’t until he came here that he saw any change with his migraines.

Have you been struggling with headaches? Do you know someone that has been struggling with headaches? Are you looking for something to do to get rid of them?

Doug’s Chiropractic Story

Doug initially came out to Hanson Chiropractic because the pain he was having shoot down his neck. He had already given up on trying to fix his migraines. He felt that this was already a lost cause, so he had no intention of getting this problem fixed.

We took Doug and did some x-rays and put him on a plan to improve his posture that would in turn relieve some of the tension he was feeling in his neck.

After about 3-4 weeks of consistent chiropractic care, all of a sudden his headaches disappeared. This was not something Doug took lightly, as he had been having 2-3 headaches a week that last 24-48 hours and this had been going on for over 25 years!

All the doctors and specialists he saw could not fix his migraines that they eventually advised him to take pain pills, which Doug outright rejected.

Headache Treatment in Everett WA

After Doug committed to his plan with us at Hanson Chiropractic he found many benefits from doing so:

  • Obviously, his headaches disappeared
  • He started sleeping better
  • The neck pain he initially came in for has also healed
  • Posture has improved

The Truth About Hanson Chiropractic and Injury

Although Doug’s story is unique and important, it is not that uncommon. We hear things like this all the time where people start to believe that they have to live with their pain. That this is just the way life is for them.

When that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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