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Everett WA Chiropractor Dr. Hanson became a part of team ring dinger! By going through this process he has learned many more adjustments to be able to provide to his patients and help people live even more optimally.

Dr. Hanson Takes us through all of the new adjustments he learned by performing them on Dr. Glines. These two doctors are great partners and are able to practice on each other to be able to improve their skills and also take care of each other and make sure they are aligned and are improving their overall health.

Ring Dinger Adjustment and Your XYZ Axes

The ring dinger adjustment focuses on 3-dimensional adjusting (XYZ Axes)

  • X Axes = Side to side
  • Y Axes = Vertical
  • Z = Straight forward

With that being said most adjusting focuses on the X and the Z axes. The ring dinger adjustment specifically helps a lot with decompressing the spine and working on the X axes.

Watch as Dr. Hanson does the Ring Dinger on Dr. Glines

Adjusting Dr. Glines Back and Spine

Dr. Hanson continues to work with Dr. Glines and help him decompress his spine. Gravity and just everyday use and trama are always playing a factor in our bodies getting out of alignment.

Final Result

Dr. Glines stands up says, “I feel good!” while he is centered, his head is back over his shoulders, and his head is underneath him.

We are super excited to bring everything he has learned back home to the Pacific Northwest, in Everett WA. We are going to bring phenomenal results for our patients.

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Learn more about our advanced chiropractic care and the ring dinger service.

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