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Are you looking for chiropractic care for chronic pain? Have you been suffering but are not sure who to turn to? Hanson Chiropractic and Injury is here for you!

Welcome back, this is Dr. Glines covering the story of Sean and his chronic pain.

Sean was telling Dr. Glines his story and we are expecting that many of you will be able to relate.

Sean’s Story


“The pain was getting unbearable.”

He had been dealing with pain for the last 7-8 months at the young age of 47.

“I shouldn’t need my kids to help me get out of a chair.”

This happening is when Sean decided, that he needed to get this taken care.

Has Sean Seen a Chiropractor Before?

“No, I have not”

“My own father in law is a chiropractor but I never saw him”

He saw an ad from Hanson Chiropractic and liked what he saw, that’s when he decided to give us a call.

Sean’s Experience With Hanson Chiropractic and His First Day Here

“The first day was amazing!”

“Everything was clean and you guys were so organized”

“This place should be the model for other chiropractic offices”

It’s safe to say that Sean has enjoyed his experience with us so far.

Initially We Did X-Rays and Then Sean Was Given Some Options

The options he was given were either a quick fix with maintenance or a long-term plan that would help for years to come.

Sean chose to make the best decision for himself and his body and he committed to the plan.

He didn’t want to deal with this pain anymore.

Did you go through ups and downs? Or was it a straight line to recovery?

“Their were ups and downs but that’s just part of it”

“I attribute that to the recovery process as I also started intensifiying my exercises.”

Dr Glines said that they were working on his spine and help take the pressure of the muscles and soft tissues.

As he went through this he improved his structure but also improved his day-to-day life with minimal to no pain.

If someone is on the fence about seeing a chiropractor, what advice would you give them?

“Don’t hesitate, if you hesitate your pain will just get worse, you have to pull the trigger.”

Do your kids still help you get out of your chair?

Sean laughs as he tells Dr. Glines no and that he feels he finally has the spring back in his spine.


Sean is just on maintanance care now, as he has done so well in his recovery process. Sean has a few tools and exercises he can perform at home. So when he comes in we are making sure he is still on track and maintaining that level of health that he currently has.

Sean wants people to know that if you are in pain, stop waiting and pull the trigger.

Stop suffering and start recovering now!

Give us a call at  425-355-3739

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